Gifted Tarot Reader

Gifted Tarot Reader

Bertha Turnbull

Stanley Ave , Bertha Turnbull, Canada
Phone: 437-888-4772


I am a tarot reader and have been reading tarot cards for over 25 years. I come from a family of tarot readers my great grandmother and my grandmother both read tarot cards and performed different types of magic as well. I do one on one readings and I also do tarot parties which if there is at least 10 people the price drops to 15 per person and each person receives a luck bag that I make myself as a gift for each person.I have alot of experience reading cards and I am very accurate at it as well. I have also had people who have past away come thru during my reading if they have something that they need or want to say to the person I am reading. It doesnt always happen but it helps if the person brings a object that belonged to the person that passed away . please contact me thru email for more information and you will see for yourself how true my readings are .

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