Merge Driving School - Driving School Coquitlam

Merge Driving School - Driving School Coquitlam

Behrooz Mo

11902 Spring Dale Dr , Behrooz Mo, Canada
Phone: 778-896-1420


For many years, Merge Driving School has served the people of Coquitlam with distinguished driving lessons. We provide high-quality driving lessons by focusing solely on the needs of our customers and preparing them to be great drivers. In order to achieve that, we offer a professional and highly trained team of driving instructors from whom a lot of people of Coquitlam have benefited greatly over the years. We offer the following service packages: Single Lesson at $50 for one hour & $75 for one hour and half, Road Test Package At $120(including one hour practice and the road test itself), 3 Sessions(3 hours) & Road test Package At $270, and 10 Hours Package for Class 7 at $500. Visit our website to learn more about our services and other procedures. What are you waiting for? Learn from the best in Coquitlam and be an awesome driver!

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